Porsche 968 Spotters guide.

The 944 was replaced in 1991 by the 968, It was a rebodied 944 with pop up 928 style headlights mounted in the fron wings. The nose and rear of the car were completely remodelled and resembled the 928 in my elements. But the side profile of the car clearly dispayed its 944 origins. The 944 S2's engine was carried over but updated with a new Varioram variable valve timing mechanism. Which gave the car the extra bhp to reach 240bhp. It was fitted with a 6 speed Getrag gearbox and 4 speed tiptronic was an option. The 968 was also available in both coupe and cabriolet body shapes. Unfortunately the 968 was never a big seller, mainly due to its release being in the middle of a resession.

Porsche 968 Club Sport

In 1993 the 968 Club Sport was introduced, it was a pushed as a lightweight car, with many of the luxuries removed like electric windows. Even the rear seats were removed, saving the CS in the region of 50kg over the standard model. The suspension was also lowered by 20mm. The model was around 18% cheaper than the standard model and is now much sort after by the track day fanatics amoungst us as it has a reputation for a being a good track performer. Especially with the addition of the M030 package which provided the car with uprated sports suspension and uprated brakes. Kevlar backed bucket seats are also a popular option over the standard sports comfort items.

Porsche 968 Sport

The Sport was a U.K. model which offered many of the benefits of the Club Sport but with the addition of the rear seat and a few more luxuries, this proved a popular choice as it was a good balance between the standard model and the stripped out sporty CS which have been described as quite harsh for everyday use.

Porsche 968 Turbo S


The 968 was only produced for 4 years and ceased production in 1995.